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We know what you're looking for. Years ago we were dealing with the same situation. A Hot Tub Cover that was keeping us out of our hot tub and buying another one that was just going to end up the same way would be stupid. What we wanted was a hot tub cover that would be light enough for a person with back trouble to use. Fortunately, we were already in the boat cover business so we had the machines and materials to design something better.

First we tried everything to take the materials that were already being used in hot tub covers and keep them from getting heavy. If you have purchased more than one hot tub cover you know what we found out. No matter what we wrapped it in or how it was sealed, the foam ALWAYS got heavy. It became obvious that the only way we were going to achieve our goal was to get rid of the foam.

So we did.

Instead of foam we built an air chamber. The air chamber was the beginning of the next generation in hot tub covers because it answered all the problems inherent in traditional covers.

  • It won't saturate and become heavy.
  • It won't break under a snow load.
  • It won't blow away in the wind
  • Hail can't damage it
  • It insulates better

When we started out, our goal was just to be able to use our own hot tub. When we developed the new design we knew other people would want it too.

We have been building them ever since.

If you're tired of buying hot tub covers that end up too heavy to lift, you deserve a better cover.

If you're tired of covers that fall apart at the seams after a couple seasons on the sun, you deserve something better.

If you're tired of putting sand bags on your hot tub cover to keep it from flying away in the wind, it's time for something different.

If you're tired of always being one snow storm away from needing a new hot tub cover, we have some seriously good news for you.

We have been building these hot tub covers for more than thirty years. We have sold them all over the world and to places that would be nightmares for traditional covers. Places like "Tornado Alley" were the wind speeds can top three hundred miles per hour and we have NEVER lost even one cover because the wind blew it away. Our hot tub covers are in use at ski resorts in the Alps and the Rockies without even one having ever been crushed by a snow load. In fact our hot tub covers are the exclusive cover used by the number one Hotel in America according to Forbes, The San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA.

If it's good enough for the place the rich and famous go to get away, it's good enough for your hot tub too. Order one today!

Sunbrella Marine Fabric

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Our hot tub covers are the only ones good enough for the place that the Kennedy's honeymoon
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